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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Power Of Pink

Melissa Etheridge Previously, I'd painted Johnny Cash for a local group's quest to join the 3-Day Walk this month. This Melissa Etheridge is simply for Breast Cancer Awareness. Fortunately, talking publicly about breast cancer isn't taboo anymore. This is in part thanks to the very public journeys of famous people like Etheridge, and more recently Christina Applegate, as well as the sheer number of people and families touched by the disease. And I was very impressed by the subplot of Samantha's struggle on "Sex And The City".

The problem, though, is still very much real and still lacks a permanent solution or means of prevention. That's why so many people participate in raising money to throw at research. Lifetime is premiering their new movie "Living Proof" tomorrow night starring the very talented Harry Connick Jr. about the development of Herceptin. It sort of reminds me, at least by its promos, of "And The Band Played On", the extremely moving 1993 TV film about the discovery and initial response to HIV and AIDS. Even that soundtrack can make me cry.

I don't have much personal to say other than I was encouraged to paint this, my first publicly available piece with a color tint. I won't do color often, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I feel so lucky to be able to paint in the first place, let alone possibly make a difference in the world for the better with my art. Getting involved celebrates humanity, which is why I'm here. I don't know how I'll sell this, if I do. Maybe an auction somehow. We'll see. I'm open to ideas.



Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Daniel, this will sound odd because all of your paintings are GOOD, but this one is EXCEPTIONAL. It has a depth to it. I think the emotions you had while painting it shine through.

I love it.

d.edlen said...

Thanks! It was cool to get the pink right on. I was worried is might look a bit weird at first, but once I got it over the whole face, the effect worked. I really appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, more so because I love pink.

d.edlen said...

Thanks Lacey!

Alright Tit said...

Lordy, that's some serious talent you've got there, fella. I've never seen anything like this before. Consider me wowed.

d.edlen said...

Thanks Lisa. Your blog is powerful. You've got a serious talent for expressing yourself, good therapy, no?