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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sexells Doesn'tit

Is it always about sex? Well, I suppose on one level or another it is. Sex is primal, instinctual. Music is primal, instinctual. I wanna get inside you, let's dance. Feel the rhythm, see the sweat. Raw sex and longing.

Gwen knows, no doubt. Just you watch.


Gwen Stefani 10/07/08


Shanoon Hoon said...

You're great! nice Vinyl.
I love her and her videos!

A lot of more Oasis songs sure, Tom waits no doubt, 'what you're waiting for' as well. I'm afraid my list is going to be pretty obvious for you. Damn! :)

d.edlen said...

It's not about the destination, it's about the ride...

Peter Hong Chan said...

thanks for commenting! did you go to the apw gallery vinyl show? awesome work here love you b/w pieces!

d.edlen said...

Peter, thanks for commenting back and the compliment!

I wished I could've gone! From the pictures Hans put up on Flickr it looked packed!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Gwen is special to my area cause she's one of our home girls. Do you remember when No Doubt used to show up at high schools and do concerts and blow the students away (the school was always in on it but managed to keep it a secret from the students. Then there would be an announcement over the loudspeaker "everyone report to the football field" and as the kids headed over there the rumors would fly and then they would be in for a huge surprise. I wonder if i can find a video clip of that on Youtube!

(you're right about sex/music!)