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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 08: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [EC]


This year, Blog Action Day is about poverty. I've painted Bono because of his passionate history of working to make our world better. It is in us. We can be better.

The problem is that we think "better" means we need to do something to get there. Again, it is in us. Already.

WHAT are we looking for?
What are we LOOKING for?

We don't need to look. We just need to acknowledge. To listen, to understand, to love. This applies to everybody and everything, as it is.

Action will follow once we recognize that everything is already within us. When we have allowed ourselves to love our selves as we are, we won't compare our selves to others, we won't beat our selves down, we won't get mad at others for seeming to be in better circumstances, we won't try to beat them down, we won't get scared of getting worse, we won't attack things and people different from us. We won't take, we won't hurt, we won't destroy. We won't cause poverty of spirit, mind and body.

We will bring out what is good in all of us. We will love us. We will unite. We will give, we will heal, we will create. We will rise above poverty.

The other reason I've painted Bono is that, as part of my taking action to make things better, this piece is one of my Elliott Collection paintings for charity. The deal is $100 of the $175 price for the framed piece goes to a charity of your choice. You send me 2 checks, one to the charity, one to me. I send the charity check off to that charity in your name.

That ties the piece to your memory of giving as well as helps me change the world, getting us closer to


1 comment:

Joe Noonan said...

Hi Daniel,

Great idea, great painting. Thanks for taking an artistic path of solution for Blog Action Day!