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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do Be Do Be Do [EC]

Truthfully, there is only now. This moment, well, that one, no that one... wait... now! Yeah, no... now! Sorry, got a little silly. But that was me, then. Now, I'm serious. Pff. No, not yet. Ok, now.

To find inner peace, self love, and all that good stuff, it's best to focus on now. You can only do one thing at a time, "thing" being defined as an action taking energy and attention in moments. Who are you? If you believe that you are a collection of your actions, then you'd better do what you be.

Be who you are, as you are, in each moment. That changes. Trick is to be in control of who you are. The first step in this is determining that.

I heard a snippet of an interview with Randee St. Nicholas who took the photographs for Prince's book in which she said that when people ask "How does he DO that?" she answers "That's who he IS". Prince is Prince. Authentic. Real. Passionate.

Are you? ARE you? Are you you? Be do.



MaJic said...

i love your work....(Thanks for commenting on my blogs btw)

thought about doing some MJ art?

d.edlen said...

I have done a couple MJs, a really young one and a Thriller-era one. I painted them before I started posting so they never got on this site. I'll break'em out and post them!

Thanks, and you're welcome!