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Thursday, October 16, 2008

THIS Is My Music, My Culture!

Alex Turner Now, THAT is a record store! I just wished I'd known about it earlier! The ex-manager of one of another local small chain of used music stores who had displayed my art over a year ago had left to open his own store, Revolver Records. I didn't know about it until last month and finally went a couple days ago. Man! I felt like I was back in West L.A. at Record Rover. And to be named after my favorite album of all time!

Stacks of boxes of records, tightly packed bins of new and used vinyl in all possible genres, all crammed into an old house in downtown Phoenix's arts district. I'm glad it's a bit of a drive because I'd be there WAY too much if it weren't. Hopefully though, as they are in the arts district, they'll be able to devote some wall space to my art. TJ wants to if they can.

They have listening stations for both vinyl and the small selection of CDs. Rare and cool looking albums adorn the walls along with framed band t-shirts. I tell you, I felt at home. The prices were so reasonable too! Beatles and the rare Hendrix album with the original cover with all the nudes, all less than $50! Most records were around $10.

So I found the above Arctic Monkeys, a Led Zeppelin III (for a buck!), Nick Drake's "Bryter Layter", a Gil Scott-Heron album, "The Eminem Show", and "Born Again" by B.I.G. There were tons more, including several that I'd've loved to buy for my listening collection, but I didn't want to go TOO crazy.

I already have "Favourite Worst Nightmare" on CD and love it, love it, love it. The Arctic Monkeys are sweet, and put on a great live show. Alex's energy is awesome. This record was in excellent shape even though it'd been opened, so I recorded it with my iRecord. I do think that these new albums being pressed on vinyl that have been digitally recorded or mixed or mastered at some point don't sound "better" on vinyl. How could they, if the recording isn't analog to start with? So I'm not overly conflicted about using them for my art.

In fact, I'm starting to paint more pieces of those musicians I, myself, truly love. I want to build a collection of paintings that really fit my tagline "this is my music, my culture". The Hendrix and Lennon last week started this off. Hopefully I'll eventually get them hung in our dining room to show you how cool these look on the wall. I'll post pics then. Now to decide whether to actually paint on a Nick Drake album.


SOLD - Alex Turner 10/16/08


Jeff said...

There is only one record store by me and the selection is very lackluster. They have a pretty large selection but none of it is very good. I need to find a better place by me, because the one I go to just isn't cutting it, and I would hate to buy all my vinyls from the internet. Browsing through is the best part!

d.edlen said...

Or you'll just have to travel more!

Jeff said...

Daniel - Funny story actually, I searched on Google for record stores in my area and it gave me one that is about 20 minutes away. I decided to make the trip over there and it ended up just being somebodys house, and not a store at all. I found another one that is relatively close by, but this time I'm going to actually call to make sure they're a legit store.

d.edlen said...

Did they have records at the house? ;)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

wow, you hit the jackpot!

d.edlen said...

Yeah, right? :)