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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Showing Up

This past month or so has been busy! I've had 30-some pieces in a solo show at a restaurant in Pacific Palisades ( and now 21 of those pieces are up in Santa Monica near the airport for their upcoming Open Studios show.

Also, a Laguna Beach gallery, AR4T, is showing 4 pieces as part of a group show called Heaven's On Fire. The timing was perfect for me to find and contact this great gallery in a great location.

I was able to do this all because I've been working on showing myself and my art a bit more professionally. Since I'm trying to support my family with my art, it's been important to get organized.

To that end I wrote an actual artist's statement and bio and compiled my resume. I also reworked my website ( and created a video ( that shows a good bit of my technique.

I'm showing up.