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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Focus

Until March next year, I'll be "out of the office". Abbey will be about 2 months old then, if all goes well with her year-end delivery, and that feels like a good amount of time to devote solely to our growing family. After that, I'll take care of business again, responding to emails, blog posts, tweets and so forth, and painting commissions.

Besides Abbey's birth, I'll have the Bookmans show sometime in January. So definitely check in come March and I'm sure I'll have news to share. This business of Vinyl Art has been built on moments when I say "That was unexpected", so I'll bet there'll be surprises too.

Like Alice Cooper signing a piece to auction for Ear Candy Charity.

Alice Cooper
Happy Holidays and New Year!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coming Soon To A Bookmans Near You


Yesterday I delivered 20 pieces to Bookmans to be distributed to all 6 stores around southern Arizona. So exciting. The cafe in the Mesa store is open and looks terrific, but the show will coincide with the grand opening soon. I'll definitely let you know the date when I do.

I found this album at Bookmans. Totally cool. I didn't think I'd get to paint Bogie unless I started painting on film reel cans or something. I've talked before about actors I love. Film is definitely a big part of the culture that has shaped my aesthetic, that I'm thankful for in a big way, visually and musically.

This is a list of a good number of movies that stick with me, in no particular order:

Tank Girl
The Usual Suspects
Blue Velvet
Wilder Napalm
Hugo Pool
Being There
The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen
Fight Club
Joe Vs. The Volcano
No Country For Old Men
The Big Lebowski
Batman Returns
The Fifth Element
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Yellow Submarine
I Heart Huckabees
Mixed Nuts
Hudson Hawk
The Shawshank Redemption
Good, Bad, and The Ugly
The Truman Show
Silence Of The Lambs
Meet Joe Black
The Natural
Barton Fink
The Last Temptation Of Christ
Monster In A Box
Hellraiser III
Dick Tracy
Falling Down
The Sandlot
Who's The Man?
Wings Of Desire
Pulp Fiction
The Shining
Max Headroom
The Professional (Leon)
Big Night
Field Of Dreams
The Untouchables
The Fisher King
The Princess Bride
A Fistful Of Dollars
Zorba The Greek
Feris Bueller's Day Off
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Odd Couple
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Men In Black
Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Home Alone
After Hours
Glengarry Glen Ross
L.A. Story

What do you think? A few surprises probably. What would you add?


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ignorance Is Not An Answer

Frank Zappa - (i) inspired by photo by Emerson-Loew

Earlier today I talked about "yes". Responding and receiving yes as an answer is satisfying when backed by a good gut-feeling.

Ignorance isn't an answer. Yes, no, and maybe-so are.


SOLD - Frank Zappa 12/15/09

For You, Yes

It's nice to hear "yes". It's nice to be able to say "yes".

It can lead to some unfortunate situations and events, like the death of Michael Jackson, though. Thus it requires listening to one's gut to figure out if a "yes" is possible and positive.

Usually I can say "yes". After all, creating for you what you want is largely why I do what I do. But I treat everybody uniquely, as you are unique, answering every question the best I can when asked. As I type "Peace." uniquely every time, with intent and desire, I answer "yes" with presence and enthusiasm.

This Michael Jackson is a gift for Bob Bookman, a thank you for my upcoming show at all 6 Bookmans locations in southern Arizona. As details have been worked out, they've said "yes" to my requests, making me feel appreciated, valued. But their "yes"'s have all come after careful consideration and planning, making me feel confident in the decisions behind the "yes".

MJ wasn't so fortunate.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Authenticityness And Life

Otis Redding I like making up new words that are just a bit different than what dictionaries present. This is most helpful when a word has become so bogged down with buzzissicity or cultnotation and I don't want to convey all that crappage along with what the word actually means. See?

Authentic is one such word. Merriam-Webster says it means genuine, actual, and real. Nowadays, though, it's applied to people who appear to mean what they say, I guess, and do what comes from the heart. In essence, "keeping it real". What the heck does that mean, really?

If you mean "not fake", then what is fake? What's a real fake?
If you mean "true to one's character", then what is not true to one's character? What's a poseur?

How do you do that? I mean you are what you do. Is as does. So if you act like a fake, then it's authentic in that you, well, are acting like a fake.

I just get all fidgety when labels are applied that are buzzwords and have weird connotations. Who needs all that baggage?

As far as I, myself, am concerned, what I can say is that what I write comes from my gut. I don't set out to manipulate or game anybody. Yes, my intent is to promote and sell my art as well as share of myself, but that's what I'm here for in the first place. What you see is what you get. I just try to make sure my "packaging" matches my "product".

What I do, what I accomplish, what I gain are Life experiences. That's all anybody can hope to gather, to accumulate, to get. Life. That's authentic.

Live it.


SOLD - Otis Redding 12/10/09

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Full Bleed

Lou Reed - (i) inspired by photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
I've been giggling all day.

See, I painted this piece yesterday, inspired by a photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Today I received an email from him in response to my query verifying he took the cover photo of Lou Reed's "Perfect Night In London". He not only said that he'd taken the shot, but that he thinks my work looks cool and he would pass along a piece to Lou, if I wanted to give him one.

Well, yeah!

So this piece is on its way, hopefully ending up in Lou Reed's hands.

Lou Reed.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Thankful: for Tumblr

Before Thanksgiving I shared my thankfulness. Now I'm really excited. I've figured out a way to do even more.

See, as an artist, I'm largely a visual person. So doing "Thankful: for" text updates to Twitter with things during that day that I appreciate is all well and good, but what about taking pictures and sharing those? Or videos or audio even? How do I directly share the full range of creativity of our culture that inspires me?

Enter Tumblr. I'd created a tumblog awhile ago, just getting a feel for how the site works. It's really pretty cool. It's basically like this blog in that it displays in reverse chronological order, has a modifiable template, allows comments and sharing, and is public. The difference is that the primary use of tumblogs is to share small bits, an image, an audio clip, a quote from somewhere else online, and it allows uploading of original content online and from cellphones. I didn't quite know how to take advantage of it though.

Now I do.

I realized that Twitter and Facebook, while extremely popular and very good at sharing small bits, are member-only sites. You have to create an account and profile to access the content. This blog isn't. But this blog is more meant for sharing about my art and life in slightly longer, rambly, daily-ish posts. Tumblr combines the best of the two and can be unrelated to me directly without confusing readers, hopefully.

So, I've started my Thankful: for tumblog.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Value Vs. Color: Which Side Matters?

Dave Matthews
I usually paint on the 1st side of an album. There've been a few times, like with John Lennon's "Imagine", that I've chosen the 2nd side. In Lennon's case, "Imagine" has different labels, with a less distracting open apple half on the 2nd side.

This is the 2nd LP of the Dave Matthews Band's recent release. When I paint on the 2nd LP of a double album, I don't worry as much about which side. In this case, the other side is a much brighter green. The brighter the label, the harder it is to see the white paint, lessening the contrast, muddling the image a bit. The value is too high.

So the color doesn't matter. It's the value that matters.

Tell me art doesn't teach tolerance.


SOLD - Dave Matthews 12/03/09

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spraygraphic's 2nd Annual B-Sides Vinyl Art Show

Coming up this Saturday from 7-9pm will be the second time around for a vinyl art show at Hoodlums. I've submitted this Miles Davis along with a Lou Reed and Michael Stipe. Chuck from Spraygraphic is a great guy and curates a good show, while Steve of Hoodlums does his part to help our local culture. Pieces come in from all over the world and the local participants will probably drift through at some point. The boutique record store has a stage in the back for live music as well.

My wife and I will hopefully be able to be there, at least until our bedtime.