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Monday, December 7, 2009

Thankful: for Tumblr

Before Thanksgiving I shared my thankfulness. Now I'm really excited. I've figured out a way to do even more.

See, as an artist, I'm largely a visual person. So doing "Thankful: for" text updates to Twitter with things during that day that I appreciate is all well and good, but what about taking pictures and sharing those? Or videos or audio even? How do I directly share the full range of creativity of our culture that inspires me?

Enter Tumblr. I'd created a tumblog awhile ago, just getting a feel for how the site works. It's really pretty cool. It's basically like this blog in that it displays in reverse chronological order, has a modifiable template, allows comments and sharing, and is public. The difference is that the primary use of tumblogs is to share small bits, an image, an audio clip, a quote from somewhere else online, and it allows uploading of original content online and from cellphones. I didn't quite know how to take advantage of it though.

Now I do.

I realized that Twitter and Facebook, while extremely popular and very good at sharing small bits, are member-only sites. You have to create an account and profile to access the content. This blog isn't. But this blog is more meant for sharing about my art and life in slightly longer, rambly, daily-ish posts. Tumblr combines the best of the two and can be unrelated to me directly without confusing readers, hopefully.

So, I've started my Thankful: for tumblog.



Washatawa said...

There is a way to get your vinyl onto your Ipod. This Numark Turntable has a built in IPOD dock.
Vinyl to MP3

d.edlen said...

Cool. I use an iRecord to create MP3 files. There're a bunch of options for converting vinyl to digital media, for sure. I like recording records that I don't have in another format before I paint on them.