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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Stones Project

This is epic. This is the coolest piece I've done. This is the coolest framing job of my work. This is why I do these.

This is why the fellow had me do these:

As a kid I always loved the Stones … tried to learn everything I could about them: first it was Mick, then I started learning about Keith, then Ronnie … in the three of them, I see the flash, the grit, the fun … but the beat holds it all together.  

I read this passage and it stuck with me: "There's an old saying among those who have know the Stones a long time. It's that Mick wants to be Keith, and they all want to be Charlie. Why Charlie? Because he's genuinely hip, he's got innate good taste, and understands restraint. Charlie kept his family together, and he never got off on the star trip that the rest of them did. He's just Charlie Watts and when the job's over,  he goes home and feeds his horses."

Who knows if it's true, but it's a great reminder when I'm sitting in my office all day not to get caught up in the perks of being a corporate exec … do the job and go home spend time with my wife, call my mother more often, enjoy the sunshine and my garden. Work comes around again tomorrow … until it doesn't.