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Saturday, August 17, 2013


(i)nspired by photo by John Kelly on White Album cover

New music is great isn't it?

Especially when it reminds you of old music you like.


It's interesting how we gravitate towards what we already know. Music can remind us of other music in a lot of ways like rhythm, key, chord progression, lyric structure and instrumentation. Sometimes music directly references other music like Oasis sounding a bit like the Beatles. One popular way to pay homage to a musical influence and try to gain fans by recalling older music is to cover songs.

I'm just getting into the Black Keys and it was definitely cool to hear their version of the Beatles' She Said, She Said on their debut album. The Beatles recorded a lot of covers early on contractually with their label. It was smart for the Black Keys to remind me of Revolver too, my favorite album ever.

I like to think I 'cover' the work of the photographers from whom I draw inspiration. I try to credit them when I can, when I know who took the image I'm painting. When I paint a well known photo of an icon, I hope fans of the musician and photographer enjoy the piece more because of the familiarity.

When people see an exhibit of Vinyl Art in person, eyes light up when they recognize their favorites. Stories get told, memories get relived, music gets rediscovered.

That's why I paint these.



creating art on the artifacts of creativity

Monday, July 29, 2013


If this then that.

In my college course on artificial intelligence I learned how life can be modeled as sets of rules structured this way. Amidst the chaos it does seem that much of our existence can follow this structure.

It's just hard to follow, though. Like why Stevie Ray Vaughan ended up on that last minute fateful flight. Like why the piece I painted for Jason had to be of this portrait of Stevie Ray so that now I cry painting it because... well you know.

Anyway, IFTTT is easy to follow. And cool. It's a site/app/community thing that pulls together iOS functionality with lots of social media sites allowing one to create a 'recipe' taking the input from one 'channel' and generating output to another. It's very versatile and user friendly. I've scratched the surface with recipes to automatically spread posts to this blog on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We'll see what else I might cook up.



creating art on the artifacts of creativity

Sunday, February 24, 2013


"Can't do it man. The master of funk descends on hartford at 7:30." - PCU

Awhile back I had the honor to gift a piece to Lou Reed ( Then, thanks to Stephen Tisdale (, I got to give a piece to George Clinton for his birthday.

Yeah, THAT George Clinton.



creating art on the artifacts of creativity