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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Usually Detest Categories, But...

... in this case, it just made sense.

As I've discussed on this blog, one limitation of blogs in general seems to be the efficient and effective access of the archives of posts. I can't expect the majority of readers to start at the first post and read them all the way through. Time and attention are precious and I don't want to waste yours. Yet, I want you to be able to get as full a sense of me and my art as you want. So here is a way to start.

Sharing - telling stories about Life
Painting - process, product and promoting
Consigning - getting my art out there
Blogging - blogging about blogging
Giving - free art
Traveling - finding culture
Listing - "Top 10" ways learn about me

I noticed other blogs have both tags and categories. I decided to create categories and just add them as a label. What I've done for you, then, is created a way to assemble all the posts relevant to a certain topic in kind of a chapter. I know what the main topics of my posts have been, and now you do too! Clicking on the links above will generate an automatic search for those posts in each category and display them in reverse chronological order.

Also, while I've got you, I welcome your comments on any and all posts, no matter how old. If there's something you've got to say, SAY IT! I moderate all posts to keep out extraneous links, but I will publish any relevant comments, whether they be glowing reviews, probing questions or scathing criticisms. And I will almost definitely respond.

So, happy post-hopping, and as always



Mary Anne Davis said...

Hi Daniel- You are raising the bar here. Many thanks for your traverse and careful reading of my blog. I hope to do half as good a job as you. ;-)

avenuez said...

I, too, struggle with tags vs categories. I used to do both, and I ended up with 551 tags. Not good. So now I stick with the categories, which I think readers enjoy.