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Thursday, July 24, 2008

High Contrast (Or The Late Show With David Schoffman)

Robin Trower

Grey is boring. Grey is flat.

It's called "black and white" photography, not "shades of grey" photography.

You want pop? You want drama? Grab your "contrast" slider in Photoshop and slam that puppy all the way to the right. See what shakes out.

Hmm. Wait a minute.

What the heck?

Feeling flat?

Crap. The problem is that while what I learned is true that everything can be broken down into shapes, that's not the whole story. It's all in the edges.

Back in art school in the late night class I took with David Schoffman about acrylic abstract painting, that's what he taught. Quality, consistency, success, and depth are created at the edge.

Has some philosophical implications, huh?

Or not.

In any event, you can see some of the pieces I painted in that class in the news video about my current art. Robin Trower is for a woman giving an anniversary present to her guitarist husband.


SOLD - Robin Trower 07/24/08

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