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Friday, July 18, 2008

Human Being Good

Bruce SpringsteenOdd but deep phrase, isn't it? Think about it for a sec.

Is it what the grammatically challenged cannibal said?

I like words that are both verbs and nouns (no, not like "Google"), especially when they can lead to philosophical discussion. Is the human being good, or is the human being good? (Heehee, oops, I guess you can't hear the emphasis difference in my head. You get it though, right?)

Biblically, "good" is where we started. There is a reason why "good" means more than just "less than great". Good is what G'od (a contraction that my dad taught me) wants of us. If we are to truly reflect Life's purpose for us, good is what we should shoot for, consistently and genuinely.

Heck, it's what Steve Martin strives for in his work.

And it's a powerful question to figure out what you can do with passion that will benefit the world.

My question is why be anything but good? Yes, it's hard. Life is a challenge. Aren't things and experiences more precious when you use effort to get them? We are living in order that Life might experience the limitless possibilities of its creation. So live! Live with passion, taking responsibility for your life.

And then my question becomes:

if, at any given moment, what you are doing is something that you wouldn't want anybody to know about because the action carries some personal, emotional, social, environmental, economic, or legal consequence that you wouldn't readily accept,

why do it?

SOLD - Bruce Springsteen 07/18/08


Mary Anne Davis said...

This one. :)

Julie Poplawski said...

I agree - stive for your purest form - yet what feels good in a moment may not be good for the long run, or may have adverse affects on all mankind or maybe society. Its difficult to consider every possible affect when making a choice.