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Monday, July 14, 2008

Creating Family

Jimi Hendrix - (i) inspired by photo by David Montgomery

I apparently have quite a bit of nervous energy today. I get excited, ramble, and paint quickly. This one of Hendrix I just painted listening to Infectious Grooves "Groove Family Cyco". Perfect for freneticism (not sure if that's a word). How about "franticness"?

This piece will be on display in my mother-in-law's office. She's a school secretary at a local public school. Since I started this (ad)venture of selling my Vinyl Art, she and my wife have helped the most. They've been so dang supportive emotionally and practically. Both started any local word-of-mouth I have today, and both sold quite a few that first holiday season to friends and co-workers.

My whole family, both mine in California and my wife's here, in Utah, Texas, and Indiana have been wonderful. My mom found the first shop that continues to consistently sell my work on 6th St. in Austin. My dad has put me in contact with several family friends that have bought pieces. My aunts up in Utah have referred friends too.

It's really been the foundation upon which I've been able to build my self-confidence as a professional artist as well. Before doing this, I was quite unsure of myself and what I wanted to do. Now I create something I feel worthwhile for the whole world to know about. But it all comes back to family.

Now my wife and I are thinking about having children. In pondering the reasons to, I realized that procreating and raising offspring is about the most creative act Life can do. It is, after all, how more Life gets to experience individuality. Make a baby, fill it up with what you want. What an awesome responsiblity. It's what Denis Leary even got serious about briefly in his uproarious "No Cure For Cancer". Pretty big check in the "pro" column.

Still scared (you-know-what)less, though.


Jimi Hendrix 07/14/08

1 comment:

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :) I have peeked at your painting before on the web somewhere, but it is nice to be able to tell you directly that it is wonderful :)

regards Corrine