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Monday, July 28, 2008

I Am... I Think.

I think I am, I think I am, I think I am. Wait, that was "can", wasn't it?

I can get as far as "I am". Words are so dicey that I don't know what comes next. There's enough philosophical weight in "I" and "am" to fill volumes, let alone the sentence comprised of both together.

In the context of this blog, however, 3 words can readily follow: product, producer, marketer.

I, the marketer, am selling things that I, the producer, have created and packaged along with I, "Daniel Edlen, professional artist", the product, to be sold along with my artwork.

Keeping them distinct is a trick, let me tell you! I can have 3-way arguments in my own head! With the "me" that isn't even related to Vinyl Art watching and laughing.

Fortunately, I'm enjoying all of me(s). I hope other creative peoples out there reading this are too. If you're not, please take a moment to vent here as a comment. I'm a good listener, er, reader. It'll make you, or at least a part of "you", feel better.


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