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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Omigosh, Omigosh, Omigosh!

Bob MarleyI was on TV! Woohoo! They did a great job of editing it too, I thought. Cut my rambling down, which is nice because I definitely did go on a bit. Hey, I was excited! It's what I do!

Here's the link to the video on Channel 3's website:


Bob Marley 07/16/08


Paul said...

Congrats Daniel!!!

Nice spot and you handled it like an old pro, now try and not let it go to yer head...

d.edlen said...

Thanks Paul!

I think the only reason I used to be shy and not like speaking in public was because I didn't have anything to say.

Now I can blather on for 30+ minutes and get lucky enough to have professionals make me look good for 3!