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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Originally uploaded by Morales de los Ríos
After finding this piece on Flickr because the artist commented on my painting of Sid Vicious, I finally set up direct blogging from my Flickr account. It was, in fact, extremely simple.

So, to this artist from Spain. Wow. The breadth and depth of his work, just posted on Flickr, is amazing. Each piece captures beautiful detail in the exaggerations, reflecting his work in surrealism. They also graphically convey the cultural significance of the subject brilliantly.

Brancusi's sculpture of a bird is probably the single most influential piece in my internal sculptural mashup. And he tought Noguchi as well. Bet you didn't know I did scuplture too? Maybe someday I'll show some, but I really consider them more of my art school work, my formative work, that led me to what I'm doing now.

I'm rambling. I ramble when I'm excited. Can you tell? I hope the artist adds a translation widget to his website, or I'll have to figure out how to go through Google manually, because my Spanish isn't that great anymore. I LOVE ART!!! Making connections like this is amazing.

Please go check out his Flickr photostream and his personal site. Exquisite. Great taste in music too!


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