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Monday, July 14, 2008

Love For Humanity (Or Why "Swimming With Sharks" Killed)

Van HalenTold ya.

This is in trade for that awesome collection of vinyl from the woman who found me on Craigslist that I mentioned last week.

Triggered by a desire to reach out for more connections like this one, I've been kind of randomly exploring more of the vast expanse of blogs. It's hard to get a handle on social media because it really is the uncategorizable, so it's a little scary to just look at what's out there. That's why most look to the homogenization and aggregation of what can be found.

But when the trails of breadcrumbs are followed to the fringes, the blogosphere is a marvelous place because the technology and what people do with it is evolving as we're using it. With no actualized boundaries and possiblities only judged socially, everything can be tried and everybody can comment. Attention is being scattered to the point of atomization. Everything is individual and timeless.

And even better, for those tolerant and persistent, there is inspiration for ruling the world and powerful bottom lines lived by individuals and communicated for all. There is art designed to connect and cultural creativity to be found in real life and found out about online. Humanity's flow is being captured in unfiltered moments, first person stories, and thoughtful criticisms.

I love it.



Mary Anne Davis said...

This could take a while. Very cool links. thank you for taking me on an unexpected journey... I'll be back...

Mary Anne Davis said...

OK, I JUST finished reading the manifesto I found through this post. I think the surprising thing, for me, today anyway, is the slow factor in the online world. Hmmm, that's a little paradoxical. Linked you to my blog today, dude. Rock on...