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Saturday, May 5, 2012


I'm trying to wrap my head around the event of Yauch's death.


When Cobain went, I was in school and his music connected with my life. I spent the rest of that day flat on my back in the dark with Nevermind blasting. Since, I think about that day whenever I hear their music.

I don't talk much about what I play while I paint. It happens to be largely the Beastie Boys. I hadn't gotten into their music back in the day, as I didn't appreciate rap as a teen. But after hearing Check Your Head and Ill Communication and then Paul's Boutique. Crap man, that is good music. It's really perfect music for me, for my art. The rhythm, the groove. And a lot of that was MCA. And now he's gone. And now I'll think about that whenever I play their music.

Even while I paint.


Rest In Peace, Yauch.