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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Underwater Basket Weaving

Underwater basket weaving is an idiom which refers to classes at university generally thought of as filler and not valuable in education. A lot of activity in online marketing feels like that. But it's not. It's a useful skill with cumulative results.

Years ago I connected with Robert Benson through this very blog. A wonderful fellow with a huge heart, he continues to this day to share news about my Vinyl Art.

Back then he wrote and published it in a way that sees it spread even still. Its content, and links, stand up today.

Robert told me marketing on the Internet is like weaving a basket. Since then I've tried to spread awareness of my handpainted portraits on records far and wide to all different audiences, interconnecting and interlacing strands of the web to build a network of support of my art. With the explosion of social media and mobile interaction I've embraced Twitter, Facebook and the like. It is definitely challenging to do this on my own without representation, but it is very rewarding to connect with customers directly, getting to follow the stories of my pieces.

I've got a couple very cool stories coming up to share, but in the meantime I've gotten to weave a couple more strong strands into my basket.

First is on Inhabitat written by Lori Zimmer. I shared a couple double album pieces that hadn't seen much exposure before and Lori pulled great text from written by Alice Yoo.

Second is on the Huffington Post. Kathleen Massara asked some great questions and included the Coltrane that will be one of those cool stories.

I list such posts on my with active links to those still live, pliable strands of soaked willow rods to make my basket. I'm proud of that list and hopefully it's strong and able to support my art. I'll certainly continue to weave it with content on this blog and a myriad of other places online.

Not easy and not worthless.



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