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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zen in the Art of

I've been pondering the word 'art' of late. Its scope. It's not just cultural creativity or artifacts. It's way WAY more. It's what happens when you've found internal peace and balance.

Bradbury, one of my literary heroes, the author who signed a copy of a book of his for me that I treasure, and who I haven't done a piece of Liter(art)ure for partly because I hesistate to take a copy of one of his books I love out of circulation, wrote "Zen in the Art of Writing". Zen in the Art...

That's the ticket! I realized that just last week. When you find that moment, that repeated space and time that gives you peace, that puts you in harmony with the Universe, that's what you do, why you are here. You've found the Zen in the Art of it. You're creating art with Life.

Now this is in contrast to creating artifacts, which is more technically what my paintings are. They are pieces of art. Not works. I don't like the word works in this case.

"If it's work, stop it and do something else."

An Evening with Ray Bradbury 2001

They are pieces of art created as an artifact of my creation of art.

This probably sounds froo-froo or overly metaphysical, but I really do think we all can find our art, and with it, our moment of Zen.

Once you've found that. Well.