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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Melody Vs. Lyric

Carole King

Growing up, I definitely paid more attention to melody. The instrumentation, not the words, was what drew me to specific groups. I was more interested in drum or organ solos than the poetry. Let's just say Dylan wasn't my favorite at the time. Heck, before I met my wife, my main listening stack was full mostly of ambient techno like Autechre and Future Sound of London.

Now, thanks largely to my wife, I'm more interested in the words. More aware at least. I understand why my neices listen to the same song over and over, trying to memorize the words.

Carole King seems to me, though I don't listen to her much, to be a good example of an artist skilled at writing both melodies and lyrics. The importance and popularity of "Tapestry" is certainly a testament to that.

What do you pay more attention to when you listen to music?


ON CONSIGNMENT - Carole King 07/08/08


Mary Anne Davis said...

Carol King performed on the 4th of July last week with James Taylor and wow! She and he were favorites of mine when I was a kid and they still resonate.
Thanks for saying hey. :)

TarBabyJim said...

Nice image Daniel.

Being a big fan of Melanie and Eminem makes me more of a lyric person i guess.

I have a question for you. How do yo choose an image to paint? What exactly grabs your attention? Does the look of the label on the record spark some sort of creative ideas? What is YOUR favorite album painting you've done?

Jim Baldwin
PS: I want another Melanie painting in the near future. I get a lot of compliments on the one you made already. Friends tell me it's a little spooky, they say it looks like she is floating out of the record! lol

d.edlen said...

Good questions, Jim!

I look for images that do the best job of capturing the depth of the person. It's usually in the eyes, as it was with Melanie. When you sent me that picture I knew instantly that was the one to paint. Sometimes what I can find online or in my books is harder to make work, but the contrast of the image is very important to make it a good painting too.

The label plays its role in helping me place the image. I try to make the portrait big enough to cover a bit of the label as that adds interest. It also means I have to consider what of the label will be covered up and how the label will affect the impact of the portrait. With this one of Carole King, the silver semi-circles were too cool not to use as part of the portrait. Her eye shines through when the record's on an angle. That makes each piece that much more unique.

Currently, my favorite is the Sid Vicious I just did. Couldn't believe I found the record in the first place, and the image turned out to be perfect to use.

I've got some good ones in the works though, having just acquired an amazing collection of albums I'll be posting about in a day or two.


TarBabyJim said...

Thanks Daniel. I realy enjoy getting your blogs in my email. I enjoy seeing the new things you paint and the stories behind the work.

Would you ever think about painting a fans image on a record? It's real hard to think of anything to give to my sister for Christmas and a pic of me when I was 16 on a Melanie LP might be a cool idea. What do you think?

d.edlen said...

Really good questions, Jim! Love it.

I've been asked a couple times about painting family members' portraits on records they loved. It's a cool idea. The issue I have is the fact that I worry people will be quick to point out that the portrait is wrong somehow, that it doesn't capture the person they know. It's easier to compare when the subject is standing next to the piece!

Now, your idea of using an old photo might be worth trying. That would be great, having a photo of you when you listened to the music the most painted on the album.

So let's try it! I'd need to see the photo first, to make sure it's got enough detail and will work well, but other than that, sure!


TarBabyJim said...

Wow, that would be great if we can make it work. I have a pic from high school I think you might enjoy working with. I was pretty when I was 16 and in love with Melanie. I wouldn't want my ugly 53 year old ass painted on ANYTHING ! lol Not even a Melanie record.

I will send you a scan and let you decide weather it would be a good idea or not. Please be honest with me, you won't hurt my feelings if you have missgivings.

TarBabyJim said...

I hope you don't mind that I am sharing with you here on your blog. Talking publicly might help others understand how you work, ya think?

Anyway, here is my pic. It's the only one I have. I am in Spokane WA and my family lives in Georgia. They have all the family pics. What do you think?

There is no hurry on this Daniel, like I said, it would be a Christmas present. Besides, I won't have the money to pay you for few weeks.
Here ya go.
PS: I have an album with a black label and silver lettering that may work with this.

d.edlen said...

Great image, Jim! I think it'll work well in fact. With a black label, even better. I'll send you a PayPal invoice in a month or so.

I'm glad you're using the comments this way. I'd hoped to start conversations here on my blog. The more people know and feel connected, the better.


TarBabyJim said...

That will work.

I'll get the record off to you as soon as I can. It's an old Melanie LP from 1971. It's a cool pressing from England. It has a scratch n sniff cover! lol