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Monday, July 14, 2008

(Just) Do It

I'll have a painting to post later today, I swear. But right now I'm feeling energetic, like I've got something to say, so I'd better say it before the moment's past.

That's kind of what I want to say: don't hesitate. Do it. Don't even wait for the "just". Do it. What's the worst that can happen?

Call a friend simply to say "I love you, have a good day" (call, don't text it).
Table dance (do the Conan).
Add a comment on a blog you've just found (not necessarily mine).

There's freedom in being free. Push boundaries, break out of your box, break the damn box. Be inspired, allow it in. Get scared, get your pupils wide, don't blink (you'd think I like rollercoasters).

Be timeless, out of time, in the "now".

Live. Oh, and make your own LAUNCHcast station. Share it too.