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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Will It Be "Like Butta"?

Frank Zappa - (i) inspired by photo by Emerson-LoewThank you Dan Davis and Channel 3! This is the first time I've had people visit my site and then call me right away interested in commissioning a piece. One paid already through PayPal for this Zappa to give as a gift. The cool thing about this piece is that I used an album that my friend, Robert Benson sent me with a bunch of records he was going to have to chuck.

I hope it spreads.

That's my goal, connecting with others passionate about music and sharing with them what I do. I'm really excited to be reaching more and more people. We'll see who reaches back.


SOLD - Frank Zappa 07/17/08


KatieJ said...

Just wanted to tell you I saw the thing on the news this morning and I think your work is really great! I forgot your name and had to do a little searching to find you because I wanted to show my husband. (he's a big classic rock fan) Anyways, I'm not an artist or anything but I love it and wish you tons of success!

d.edlen said...

Thanks Katie! I appreciate your well-wishes and that you took the time to tell me.

jorge danyau said...

you peices are amazing!!! I also paint records, a little diffrently but have passion for music. I like how your records are the actual records of the artist. I prime my records first and then paint. I share your passion in music and wish you a ton of success, great job!! Your detail just blows me away.

d.edlen said...

Thanks Jorge! The fact that I simply paint the portrait without anything else is what makes my work unique. It makes it challenging not to be able to undo the painting or paint over it. I appreciate the compliments.