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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Value Vs. Color: Which Side Matters?

Dave Matthews
I usually paint on the 1st side of an album. There've been a few times, like with John Lennon's "Imagine", that I've chosen the 2nd side. In Lennon's case, "Imagine" has different labels, with a less distracting open apple half on the 2nd side.

This is the 2nd LP of the Dave Matthews Band's recent release. When I paint on the 2nd LP of a double album, I don't worry as much about which side. In this case, the other side is a much brighter green. The brighter the label, the harder it is to see the white paint, lessening the contrast, muddling the image a bit. The value is too high.

So the color doesn't matter. It's the value that matters.

Tell me art doesn't teach tolerance.


SOLD - Dave Matthews 12/03/09

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