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Monday, December 1, 2008

What Will Matter

Iggy Pop

I was sitting at a local drive-through getting lunch for 7 people at the end of last week and I saw a sheet of paper posted inside with that heading. I don't know what the rest of the page said in smaller type, but that phrase struck me. Especially during the Thanksgiving break.

What will matter?

Beyond being a dang good thing for employees to ask themselves, the question goes to intent and the fundamentals of life. Hanging in a fast food joint.

So, what do you think?


SOLD - Iggy Pop 12/01/08


bonnieL said...

Hey Daniel, would like to have seen the small type!
What people are thankful for. Someone asked us to write that on the white board at work. What I found fascinating was people looking at what others had written before they felt comfortable writing what they were thankful for! Mine was: Thankful for the joy in my life and in others' lives. What would you have added to the fast food signDaniel?


d.edlen said...

I like that, Bonnie! People are thankful, either outwardly, religiously, inwardly for that which matters to them, definitely.

I'm still thinking about how the statement changes with a comma in either possible position. Oh, the metaphysical possiblities...

THANK YOU for the comment!

steve said...

Daniel, your work is pretty incredible man. Love the concept too! Have you thought about displaying/submitting some stuff at the APW Gallery vinyl show early next year in NYC? I'll definitely have to link you!

d.edlen said...

Steve, thanks for the comment! I love your taste in music.

I put 5 in this year's APW Gallery show. None sold and then I had to pay both to submit them and to have them shipped back. But it is in NYC... we'll see next year!

d.edlen said...

Actions with raw passionate intent.
Communication that inspires such actions.

A life lived true.

wicked said...

I saw this image on flickr and was so drawn in I had to come read the blog post. :D
Wonderful observation,wonderful question.

What will matter?

Having just had to deal with a very small funeral , not what we own , not how much we make, but how many will grieve our passing, and rejoice in our memory.

Thank you for your art, and your question which made me think.

d.edlen said...

Noelle, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate your time and thought. Your artwork is cool! I'll have to go through more of your blog. Thanks for "following" mine.

Yes! I hoped somebody would think of the "how many people show up to my funeral" concern. A very valid measure of a life. But yet still, a comparison, a judgement based upon adjectives bandied about.

Right now, I'm thinking more about right now, not about planning a future funeral. But I guess it is a side effect of a life lived with love and compassion and courage that numbers of people mourn the loss.

Hey, where in Canada are you? I've got pieces at the Norml Clothing store putting on the Red Bull Wax Museum this month in Ottawa. An auction for the local kids charity and everything.


d.edlen said...

Interesting, a little over a year later, returning to this post, having been doing my "Thankful: for" tweets. The question, still a good one. Answered only by living.