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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shut Up And Paint

Smashing Pumpkins - Jimmy Chamberlin

The Travel Channel's "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain is powerfully inspiring artistically for me. For all the gaunt New Yorker's pithy narrating and brash wordifications with his companions, you can feel the passion for the food. For life.

Last night the NYC episode ran in which he meets up with the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" guy, Andrew Zimmern. Zimmern's quip that the motto for Bourdain's aptly-titled show should be "shut up and eat" struck me. The best moments on the show are when he's taking first bites of heaven from around the world, the quieted awe of authentic food and culture.

I need to let the art speak.

I so want everybody to know about what I do that I'm not doing it enough. I've gotten some awesome albums to use recently. I'm gonna use'em. I'll talk about'em, but not as much hopefully. Hopefully I'll find a better balance between doing the art and promoting.

I'd love help promoting. I just can't pay for it yet. Free things are good, expensive time-wise, but feasible at the moment. Twitter is helping along with Facebook and Flickr. I need like a celebrity endorsement. I did just paint Iggy. Maybe Bourdain would want one. I'd trade him for it. Anybody know him? Or know somebody who knows somebody whose brother works on the show's crew?


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