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Friday, December 19, 2008

Come Together (Yes, Think Beatles Too)

Jared Followill
Listening to The Verve on my wife's iPod while painting Jared Followill of KOL this morning, I remembered seeing the London reunion show of Ashcroft and Co. We stood in front of bassist Simon Jones at that concert, front row. So awesome. Both Si and Jared are amazing, driving their bands' music, I think. KOL's recent release "Only By The Night" really shows Jared's talent.

But they're part of a band, a team. Each foursome combines their talents to create their magic. Richard Ashcroft wasn't as transcendent as a solo artist. Good, but not magic. There's something about McCabe's ethereal guitar layered on top of Si's bass, next to Richard's voice, punctuated by Salisbury's drums. Gives me chills. I know, it's long, but stick it out.

And don't get me started on KOL. Holy shit, they're amazing. Just watch the whole song.

My wife, my in-laws, and I made a very special Christmas gift for Jason's girls. We worked really well as a team. Each of us did our part: dad on construction, mom on sewing, my wife on design, me on artistic execution. It was so much more satisfying to have our energy focussed together. It makes one feel more human to work with many. I suppose that's what it's all about.

Especially this time of year.

Peace. And Merry Christmas.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Are your getting more and more talented or are my new contacts just helping me see the details better in your art?

I linked here today even though the post was not about you - it was about Bruce :(

Jeff said...

Hey Daniel, how's it been going lately? Have a good Christmas?

d.edlen said...

Hey Jeff! Things have been crazy crazy crazy, but wonderful as well. Family in town just left this morning so we will now return to regular programming. I've got a commission for GG Allin and Springsteen as well as a consignment replacement of SRV and Willie Nelson, so I've got to get painting! I also just found the Verve's "Forth" on vinyl at a closing Virgin for cheap, so now I definitely have a copy to use. I love what I do!

Have a safe New Years!

Jeff said...

Wow! A GG Allin painting, that certainly must have been intersting... Was there any feces or blood included on that painting?

d.edlen said...

I haven't painted it quite yet, but the image is from the cover of a book, so it's tame. There aren't many widely available images of him online. But it'll be good.