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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Verve - Front Row In London!

Way outFriday 9 November 2007 at The Roundhouse in London

Best concert we've been to by far! Guitarist Nick McCabe just said, too, that it is officially his favorite gig of all time. The trip was completely worth it for this show. Richard Ashcroft is incredible to watch sing and play acoustic. We were front row for the whole show! I'd never done that before. I boxed out my wife so she wouldn't get smashed against the rail. I got jostled a bit but not too badly. We were right in front of bassist Simon Jones who drives their music and he was extremely fun to watch. I feel silly trying to describe in words how good is was so here's what they played:

New Decade
This Is Music
Gravity Grave
Weeping Willow
Life's An Ocean
Sit & Wonder
A Man Called Sun
Already There
Stormy Clouds / Reprise
Let The Damage Begin
On Your Own
Rolling People
Drugs Don't Work
Bitter Sweet Symphony

A Northern Soul
Lucky Man
Come On

I'll let that suffice. Fans'll know.

London was wonderful, cold and gloomy, but wonderful. We got to see many of the sights, including Abbey Road Studios and the famous crosswalk. So cool. The wall in front of the functioning studio is painted white and covered with scribes from people who've travelled to see it. The employee who nicely told us there were no public tours said that they have to repaint it weekly because of how many people sign it. Somebody who lives nearby could take pictures of the wall before they cover it each time and do a sweet video of it. There was a great stencil painting combining the iconic Che Guevara face with Lennon's, so basically Lennon wearing the revolutionary hat. Well done.

Nothin' new on it since last week, but if you haven't:


Maybe a Verve piece'll show up!


Anonymous said...

So did you get a copy of the show?

d.edlen said...

I'd like to, I'm going to try. You?