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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


federal trademark certificate

I haven't been able to paint for a couple of days because of family craziness, but things keep progressing. Yesterday I received my official federal trademark certificate for my VA logo! So cool.

Last Friday I found out about a local show called Fill In The Groove opening that Saturday evening. Holy smokes! Fortunately I had a few unframed pieces back from a show in New York so I ran them down to the record store hosting the show put on by Spraygraphic. It was terrific! It's the first group vinyl art show that I've been able to attend. I'm not the best networker, but this was good practice.

Another show, the Red Bull Wax Museum show hosted by the Norml Clothing store in Ottawa, went on this past weekend too. It looks like they selected a couple of mine to mount and frame all fancy-like for the charity auction. Here's the Isaac Hayes I painted:

I've also gotten more followers on Twitter. I'm still figuring out how the microblogging site will fit in with my online communication, but it is a slick way to reach a new audience. You can follow me too if you're so inclined!

That's all for now. We'll see what happens tomorrow!



Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Daniel!!!! RAD! (I know no one uses that term anymore but I like it) Congrats on your good news. This Isaac Hayes is outstanding.

I apologize for not being around more these last few family life is nuts too. But I think of you every day when I see "The Four Agreements" on my nightstand :)

d.edlen said...

No apologies necessary, Barbara. We've all got our lives to live!

Jeff said...

Congrats on everything. As you already know, I hope all goes well!