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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who Was On Your Wall?

Rick Springfield
I know Jeff had some cool posters. How about you? Any teen heart-throbs rolled up in your closet? Not literally, I hope.

After compiling my list yesterday, I tried to remember things I'd stuck on my wall with blue sticky stuff. Remember that stuff? I remember how it bled faint blue through the front and created little bumps in the corners. I think I even used it on my own art. That was dumb.

Oh, wait, yeah! I remember one. Not a poster. I actually did have a heart-throb in my closet! We'd found a life-sized Madonna cardboard cutout thing in the street, from her "Dick Tracy" look. I think she was missing part of an arm.

Right now we have this one hanging above our CD cabinet:

The Beatles
What are your fav past and present posters?


SOLD - Rick Springfield 12/09/08


Kumar McMillan said...

Heh, I actually have Madonna on my wall. This LP cover, framed: Hawwwwt.

d.edlen said...

Nice album too. I think I have that to paint on in fact. Do you just have the cover or the record too?

Thanks for the comment!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh - you asked for it, Daniel. start I only have ONE musician on my wall now and its a classic piece of art by the only vinyl artist I know. Its of Bruce Springsteen.

In my teen years I had:

Jim Morrison
Mick Jagger
David Bowie
Led Zeppelin
Bruce Springsteen
Pink Floyd (Dark Side Cover Poster)
Ted Nugent (i know...what was I thinking)
Joni Mitchell
Janis Joplin
Cat Stevens
a larger than life size Peter Frampton that took up half of an entire wall...literally. It was incredible and my mother ripped it down once when pissed off at me :( I still get upset remembering that.

Jeff said...

My two favorite posters of the past were my Lennon poster which had the "Imagine" lyrics on it, and this trippy Jim Morrison poster that was pretty haunting. Layla actually had it posted on her blog not too long ago.

d.edlen said...

Barbara and Jeff, your post/comment about that Morrison was in my head while I wrote this. Thanks for commenting.

Larger than life Frampton! Wow, was it the Comes Alive shot?