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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Effect Without A Cause

Bruce Springsteen

I love what I do! I guess that means I love me too. Cool.

So, I'm back to painting. Yeehaw! This Springsteen is my very first international order, from Italy. Cool.

Next is a GG Allin for a lady who works for the guy who's sending me back my pieces. Sending me back my pieces? Not cool?

Nope, totally cool. Primitive Kool has decided to end our consignment agreement. I don't blame them much. I mean this show didn't sell any and they'd spent a good chunk of change on local promotion. They'd sold several over the past year through online connections and gallery walk-ins, but the economy's woes hit San Diego hard. So even while one of their own employees buys the Joey Ramone from that show and commissions GG Allin, and after Johnny Cash sold before the holidays, I'm getting my paintings back! Cool.

The pieces are all dead rockers, the theme of that show, like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon... you get the idea. Some of my best paintings too. So they're available direct! With immediate delivery! Coolness.

It all depends on how you look at it. I could remain frustrated about a relationship's end. I'd have cause. But, like in don Miguel Ruiz's "Mastery of Love", forgiveness is really for yourself. I mean, now I get to sell them myself! And my wife was kinda hoping we'd get to keep the Kurt Cobain and Joe Strummer. Very cool pieces.

So, it's nice to take responsibility for my feelings about events. I'm really working on self-confidence, artistically and socially. Over the break, I took big steps for me, connecting on Twitter with a bunch of people I've really come to respect over this past year. My goal is to, like with my art, make meaningful and continuing connections with people passionate about human creativity. I've added a link to your right to come follow me on Twitter. I won't take it personally if you don't. Your attention is yours to give where you choose. Cool, huh?

Kathy Sierra, the author of one of the sources of inspiration over to your right, is one of those people on Twitter who I've had the pleasure of interacting with there. She came up with the idea of looking to understand Life's events by looking only at their effect. Disappear the cause. She got the idea from a YouTube video of some kids skateboarding with the skateboards invisible. Cool.

It's an interesting thought, no? Leads to complete unselfishness. Only your impact remains. Return and reaction fall away. Intent and action are what will matter.

Peace. And Happy New Year.

SOLD - Bruce Springsteen 01/01/09


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Understanding life's events by looking at their effect not their cause....I am trying to apply that to my current situation of going through drug addiction with my son. The effect so far is my entire family, especially me, is sick with worry, consumed with wanting to help but being helpless, worn out and devastated. The effect on him is his life is falling apart at age 18 and he is still trying to "do it on his own".

I love your new Bruce, good one.


d.edlen said...


I was so sorry to read that on your site over the holiday. I've just read don Miguel Ruiz's "Mastery of Love", which might help you with the relationship with your son, allowing you to love without hurting yourself.

And, as far as his recovery, he really only can "do it on his own", but what he needs to do is surrender control. Only he can do that for himself. I hope he does.