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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Limited Time

Kings Of LeonYesterday I talked about abundance of value. The counterpoint is time, its value in its uniqueness AND scarcity. Our time as individuals is limited. Attention is precious. Thus my overwhelming gratitude at your sharing yours with me, spending it on me.

So, to those paying attention, a return more than expected. I'm going to introduce framed double albums with a limited time offer. My framed single portraits go for $175 plus shipping ($10 US, $40 int'l) currently. For commissions paid for through the end of February, double portraits framed in the same type of frame, just a double-wide, will be $300 plus the same shipping.

I've done three examples. Sorry the picture above is a wee bit blurry. Here are closeups of the Kings Of Leon: Caleb and Jared and Matthew and Nathan. I also painted Smashing Pumpkins and Pink Floyd. The Kings Of Leon and Smashing Pumpkins do have 4 portraits, so they would be an additional $20 ($10 per added portrait).

A last detail: if you want 2 single albums each with a portrait, framed side-by-side, you can do that too for the same cost. So, for instance: Page and Plant of Led Zeppelin.

When you Email me I can send you a PayPal invoice or I do accept personal checks. Thank you so much for your time.


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