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Friday, October 24, 2008

Where Would I Put One? (And Other Questions)

Here they are, Led Zeppelin. So, where would you put them in your home? I know it's not a very subtle question to get you thinking about where you might put a piece of my art if you were to buy one, but it is an honest question. We all have limited wall space in our homes.

Given that you like music, like it enough to own a music collection even if only on an iPod, like it enough that you'd want to share that fact with visitors to where you live, like it enough that you know which group or person you'd want a portrait of, the question is then do you even have the space?

If you fit into the above given description, then I can tell you it's worth finding a place. From experience, I know how fun it can be to have people see them and do the double take. I just got an email today from the MVBS to which I gave a B.B. King for their upcoming silent auction saying that they have the piece hanging in their offices and people have asked my last "frequently asked question", can you play it?

I think when people ask that, they are internally grappling with: what is that? is that on the record? is that a real record? is that paint? how was that done? who is that again?

My biggest curiousity is what people's first impressions are. What was yours? Are you still trying to get a handle on what you're looking at?

Here's where I have the 4 British lads hanging.

So, where would you put one?


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