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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Covered Art

Keith Richards

This copy of "Beggars Banquet" has the rather silly, watered-down replacement cover that the record label forced. The original cover, also used for the CD, shows a dirty bathroom wall above a toilet. Much more meaningful context for the album name, with even some good messages of peace and love. Certainly more relevant to the counterculture of '68.

RSVP on the lower left of this cover does prompt response. I expect it did enrage those who knew of the artistic censorship, and maybe even did elicit response. There've been many examples through the history of the record album of controversial covers, some of which were changed to satisfy the uptight. What stories do you know about?

My favorite Black Crowes album, "Amorica", was altered after its initial release. My friend Robert Benson, who's got this cool post today about the cover of "Exile on Main Street", has chronicled Gigwise's top controversial, weird, worst, and best album covers.

What's your favorite album cover with its own story? The Beatles' "Butcher Cover" perhaps?


Keith Richards 10/30/08

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