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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Know Where To Put One?

Ray Charles

Give one away!

Last week, I asked you to think about where you could put one of my paintings in your home. I know a lot of you who see my paintings probably think, "That's cool, but it wouldn't really go with my decor." So you don't know where you'd put one, even if you want one.

I've got the answer. Make that someone else's problem!

Really, the majority of the commissions I've sold have been as gifts. I love that because it means people think enough of the paintings that they want someone they love to own one. They make great unique gifts because they show you pay attention and know what the giftee's favorite music is and sometimes even their favorite album. I definitely try to use the album you know they'd like. Makes for an even better story.

So, I painted Ray Charles on his Christmas album as an example of what might just be the perfect holiday gift.

And you can keep the snazzy sticker.



Jeff said...

I would probably hang one in my office. I already have a few records hanging up as it is. If I ever end up moving in the near future I would hope to have an extra "entertainment room" with a bunch of musical decor, and that would be an even better place. Right now however, I'm not in any situation to be moving...

d.edlen said...

Cool! Yeah, hanging record sleeves is catching on, so my art would fit in with those. And, the entertainment room is the perfect spot. For someone as passionate and knowledgeable about music like you, Jeff, you've gotta at least have an entertainment wall somewhere.

Your sticker's in the mail!