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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sex, Drugs, And The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger
I realized I hadn't painted the Stones! Since I just did all 4 members of Led Zeppelin, I thought I'd do the same for Mick and company. Both bands put out such a large amount of amazing music, both with strong STRONG blues and R&B roots. Rockin' music, man. "Monkey Man" off of "Let It Bleed" is currently my favorite song, but all of "Exile" is amazing too. Late '60s and early '70s, wow. I know the times were troubled, but the music thus inspired was intensely good.

Everything about the period was intense. Whether it was the popularized drug culture or the free sex movement or the social unrest and rebellion, extremes were tested. All I can say is, for better or worse, when you search for Keith Richards images on Google, you get a lot of pretty women and puffs of smoke. How are he and Lou Reed still alive?


Mick Jagger 10/29/08


Jeff said...

Good one of Jagger, he sort of reminds me of Iggy Pop in that moment with his facial expressions and stature.

d.edlen said...

Yeah! I should paint him too. Now he's got a cool face.