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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Of My Music (Or, Have You Seen The Bridge?)

John Paul Jones

Straight ahead. Zeppelin. One of the best. Stands the test of time. And all that.

I've gotten some very beaten copies of their albums. So I decided to paint all 4 members. Today I did Bonzo and this one of Jones. Tomorrow new solo images of Page and Plant.

I'm hoping to frame them and get them on our wall to show you. All together, they'll look pretty cool.

Just straight ahead blue rockers with a psychedelic progressive twist influenced by Motown and Stax. Heh. Usually, surprisingly, I won't listen to the band that I'm painting while I'm painting. Today though, I even listened to the album on which I was painting. Zepp's perfect for painting. Bonzo's done on "Houses of The Holy". "The Crunge" is one of my all-time favorites, funk though it may be, not rock. It's one of Jones' favorites too.

"Where's that confounded bridge?" - Plant's tribute to James Brown's "take it to the bridge".


John Paul Jones 10/21/08

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