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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ambassadors Of Culture, Creation Of Go'd

Robert Plant
Building on my previous post's connection between Zepp and Sigur Rós, in 1970, Led Zeppelin played Iceland and in so doing, created a connection between their music, their culture of England and the culture of the country which gave us Björk and Sigur Rós.

All three groups provide a pure expression of the culture of their countries. This is the power, the relative immediacy, of music and creativity. Creators, whether they be from the world of music, dance, cinema or other creative endeavor, can effect change, can communicate with humanity in a way that alters its course.

A pretty amazing thing.

Another pretty amazing thing is the organic nature of the effect. Nobody can predict or control it. It just happens. There is no direction, no comparison, no model of the impact. There is no better, or worse. There just is creation.

And it is good.


Robert Plant 10/22/08

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