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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Odd Man In

Charlie Watts

The classy eccentric. THE drummer.

He's an odd one, that Charlie Watts. A white drummer who swings; jazz-inspired. And he wears suits, naturally!

More interested in philosophy than groupies, he's kept a surprisingly stable family existence all throughout his career with the Stones. The thing he hates most is leaving home. Deals with it by being slightly obsessive compulsive with his luggage and his ritual drawing of every hotel room in which he stays.

So self-effacing you'd think it was false modesty, but it ain't. He doesn't get what the deal is about his playing. But he loves it, turned onto music by saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, his first drum a banjo with the neck twisted off. At age 13. Can't read music though. Plays by feel. The emotion of Keith's playing leading him.

Doesn't like talking about himself, or watching himself. Just plays drums. With an honest passion rare in the world.


Charlie Watts 10/30/08

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