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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Gracious

B.B. King - (i) inspired by photo by Bob Guthridge[EDIT - 09/24/09: I received an email from Bob Guthridge, the photographer of the photo from which I drew inspiration for these pieces. He's asked that I credit him and supply his email address:]

This is for the Mississippi Valley Blues Society. They asked me for a piece after they saw my donations to the Alabama Blues Project. Apparently the recent flooding in the region severely limited their fundraising and forced them to put on more events to make enough money to then put on their big annual festival supporting the music. My piece will be available at their upcoming concert and silent auction on Nov. 7th.

I'm trying to use my work to do good. I like the idea that my work can help support our music, our culture. I need your help in this too.

My pieces for the School of Rock are all still available. I also extended the opportunity to have 25% of the proceeds from any commission placed before Oct. 15th go to the school if you want.

Also, all the pieces in this series are still available. They are painted on a specific collection of records I received in trade and I will give $100 of the $175 directly to a charity of your choice. All you'll do is send me two checks, one to me and one to the charity. I'll even suggest organizations if you're interested. I will also be painting more in the series soon.

If you have a way my art might be able to help human creativity and culture, please let me know. It's all part of my plan to lead us to


DONATED - B.B. King 10/08/08


Shanoon Hoon said...

Not only quality but your productivity is amazing.

hey, i see your video interview, it rocks! you're famous!
The best of all, you're left-handed, we'll dominate the world soon.

d.edlen said...

Hehe, yeah, I like to say I've had 3 of my 15 minutes of fame.

I KNEW I liked you! Left-handed too!

Thanks for the compliment.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh no, I'm scared of you lefties...although it seems that my favorite guitar players are all lefties :)