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Monday, October 6, 2008

Out On The Weekend

Neil Young
On Saturday, my wife and I saw the Coen Brothers' "Burn After Reading". Brilliant fucking movie. The way they write characters and piece together plots based on nothing more than misinformation, mistaken identity, and collossal miscommunications is incredible. "The Big Lebowski" is our favorite movie ever. So, I wondered if I need to break some part of my communication with you. You know, create discord, drama, much ado about nothing, but ado that when resolved makes everybody happier than before the drama.

Or is it already broken?

I found this post by a woman who clearly gets what the impetus to hold onto records is all about and she responded to my comment with her take on the relationship between packaging and content. Does my packaging model and convey what I and my art are about?

Do you trust the connection between what you see and what you'll get?

As I continue to struggle, as most artists do early on, with reaching the right audience and successfully promoting my self and art, little victories lift my spirits. The jazz aficionado who wants a whole series of Blue Note recording artists. The sister-in-law who wants Jim Morrison for her own Jim Morrison. The repeat celebrity client giving a piece to the daughter of the subject the piece. These help me to know that when my work connects, it hits home runs.

The struggle then, continues to be making sure there isn't any discord or drama I'm not aware of, and to be getting those who'll connect with the content, the work, to see the packaging.

I'll keep plugging along.


SOLD - Neil Young 10/06/08


Shanoon Hoon said...

ohh, i need to see "Burn After Reading" now. But i've got to go with my wife too and i'm in London and she's in Malaga (Spain) these days. I like Coen's movies so much. Was 'Arizona Raising' ilmedf close to Gilbert? :)

he, this time i type 'ilmedf' properly.

d.edlen said...

:), according to Wikipedia:

"The police station scenes were filmed at the Tempe, Arizona police station on 5th Street next to Sun Devil Stadium on the Arizona State University campus, while the family picnic where H.I. punches Glen was filmed at the Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, Arizona."

Both are within 30 minutes of Gilbert.

I'm glad to know you are a Coen Brothers fan. It makes much sense.