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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

This was on an A-frame out front. I love the lower case.

This hangs from the ceiling inside the front door. The place is actually a hallway that by day is the entrance to the local VFW. They put down rugs and a backdrop at the end of the hall behind the stage to turn it into a concert "hall".

Here's the school's vinyl sign hanging on the wall just inside the door.

Here's a view of the wall of my art alongside the chairs. People walked right next to the paintings so a lot of'em stopped and checked them out. I think several thought that the images were somehow printed on the records. It's a weird problem to have: having to explain that they are handpainted instead of printed or screened or computer generated. I guess it's a compliment, but it's a marketing hurdle.

Paul put up information about my process and the availability of commissions. My wife came up with the brilliant idea to print up half-sheet commission forms for people who might want me to paint somebody else. If the order is placed before the middle of October, I'll still give the %25 to the school for their scholarship. Hopefully some people picked'em up.

They made this snazzy name sign. It was all sparkly and looked great on the gold wall. That wall color was nice. It and the rugs created a warm feeling in the place.

Me! My wife was so proud. During the gig, they introduced me and told the audience about the percentage going to the school a couple times. The kids were really appreciative and the general manager of the school thanked me a bunch.

None sold that night, but the Billie Holiday and Howlin' Wolf are going to be in the school's fundraising silent auction at the House of Blues on November 1st. So hopefully I'll get them some money then.

It was so cool to be able to connect my art with an organization that gets kids excited about music! My main point with my art is to celebrate the music, and to inspire kids to pick up an axe and learn how to riff like Jimmy Page is awesome! They played Zeppelin, Who, and other classic bands' music along with some originals by the kids. The drummers for the band were excellent, so I hope they saw my Moon and Bonham. They played "London Calling" and while I didn't use that album, I did paint Joe Strummer of The Clash. So my work fit right in with what the school's about. I really hope I get to continue to draw attention to them.

So, check out The Paul Green School of Rock!



Jeff said...

Good for you! And it's for a great cause too. Nothing can be better than doing what you love and helping out a good cause.

JafaBrit's Art said...

The exhibit looks really nice, I love how they are framed and presented. I hope the kids enjoyed seeing them :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

If I was physically capable, I would kick myself going to see Donovan F. instead of heading down to SD for this. Dang. I missed something special.

Your wife has good reason to be proud of you.

I love what this organization does and that these kids are learning to play such great music......