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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ups And Downs

To all you whom have stock market investments, I feel your short-term anxiety. Just remember to "invest", not "trade".

Thinking, planning, acting, living for the long-term is difficult. It's really hard to not get swept away by adrenalin and fear, to not act rashly. Rather, to not react. Reacting is usually what gets us in trouble. We let things going on around us, and our perceptions, lead us.

The word "react" has a couple definitions that are helpful: to change in response to a stimulus and to act in opposition. Both mean that the action taken has as its cause something external. Something made you do it, you had to do it.

I know how it feels like that during those moments. I know.

I don't know, besides obsessive preparation, what the answer is to avoid responses that worsen situations. Maybe listening, and...


1 comment:

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

One of the benefits of not having any investments whatsoever, not even much of a savings account come to think of not having to worry about stuff like this.