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Friday, September 19, 2008

Life +'Justments

Bill WithersI'd painted this sometime last year, but today I was inspired to share it again.

In trying to figure out how to get more exposure, I set out to contact Rolling Stone. Aiming high, right? So it turns out they recently started some blogs hosted on their site. One is called "Smoking Section". It had that post yesterday about Chrissie Hynde that I found quite motivating.

Today, wandering the web again, trying different angles at Rolling Stone, I ended up on another post of that blog. It's a transcribed phone interview with Bill Withers after he'd done that impromptu performance in Brooklyn.

You've gotta check out the YouTube video embedded on that post! He sounds possibly better, and the recording is so clean, and the other musicians are awesome! Talking about authenticity! He says at one point that he really just goes with what he wants to do, not feeling forced into things, just living his life as it comes. Such a great soulful outlook.

I hope he gets that tricked out golf cart.


Bill Withers 09/19/08

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