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Friday, September 26, 2008

Kurdt Kobain? Kool!

So I was at Rockzone today getting my pieces back and I found this album, "Bleach" reissued. $10. Cool! Kurt is credited with his name misspelt. Does anybody know why?

I'd been waiting to find a Nirvana album. It's not "Nevermind", but then how could I possibly expect to ever find THAT one available? So here's Cobain, a last minute addition to the "dead rocker" show at Primitive Kool tomorrow.

I also found out today that I'll get to participate in a silent auction for the School of Rock at the House of Blues! I'd tried to get my work up in the restaurant/concert hall chain a long time ago with no luck. Maybe this'll open up that door again. And it'll be great to help the School of Rock out even more! I hope I can work something out with them at a national level too. Thinking big.

So, I've gotta frame this one and pack! Have a great weekend.


SOLD - Kurt Cobain 09/26/08


Jeff said...

From what I heard it was mistakenly spelt Kurdt Kobain on a release before Bleach. Someone thought the name was foreign so spelt it accordingly. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but that is what I heard.

d.edlen said...

Yeah, that's what I just found real quick-like too.