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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Practical Matters

Keith Richards
Awhile ago I asked the question "What Will Matter". That was a more philosophical thought. If you had an idea for that, please do still leave a comment there. I'm really interested in what you think.

Today, though, I was faced with the year end/start reality of required upkeep, both business and personal. Practical matters matter, but only when they do, usually after dutiful procrastination. Paperwork to file, records to update, pool pumps to clean. Fun fun fun.

Seriously though, like maintaining our physical health, those responsibilities can be looked at as satisfying to accomplish. Without them, the big things would fall apart, like one's house. No shortcuts.

So, like the saying goes, don't sweat the small stuff; it's all small stuff. But get it done!


Keith Richards 01/14/09

1 comment:

bonnie said...

Daniel, Keith is awesome! He seems so right for vinyl, kinda like he crawls into the LP during the day to sleep and then crawls out again at night to play.

triiibe on!