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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do You Like Me? Will You Respect Me In The Morning?

Willie Nelson

Different questions.

There is a lot of creativity out there. A lot. I differentiate creativity by like vs. respect. Not mutually exclusive or inclusive. Picture one of those ven diagrams with the 2 circles overlapping somewhat.

I respect Willie Nelson. And he does have a hauntingly beautiful voice. But I don't particularly like his music.

Can you think of music that you like, would be ok waking up next to, but wouldn't introduce to your parents? Think: guilty pleasure.

Can you think of music that slaps you in the face, storms out and then outclasses you at the company suaree? Think: wouldn't look right next to the above guilty pleasure.

How about music that you both want to do dirty things to and to show off at the ball?

Finally, music that never should get out of bed?

Let's get a good list going here on this one! What do you say?


ON CONSIGNMENT - Willie Nelson 01/06/09


Anonymous said...

I'm a secret fan of pop songs. Don't tell my friends but on my ipod I have a couple of Back Street Boys and early Brittney Spears.
It's embarrassing and I hate myself for it if that's any consolation!

brainpicker said...

You hit the creative nail on the head, Daniel. I think "love" and "respect" live in a coordinate system where one is the X axis and the other the Y.

It's true in anything from advertising to music. I know Michel Gondry commercials and Bjork's music are both extremely polarizing on the "love" axis but both also extremely high on the "respect" one. (For me personally, Gondry is high on both and Bjork is high on respect only.)