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Friday, January 2, 2009

Of Giving

GG Allin
Entering 2009, Vinyl Art continues to seem to do its job best as a gift. I've pondered a reason why before. From Christmas to birthdays, like with this GG Allin, people are apparently keeping my work in mind to give to close friends and family. Coworkers too.

I can hardly begin to convey how good this makes me feel.

Really. I mean, how cool is it that people are seeing my work and taking the time to think about someone who loves music and who they'd like the most? Right? I might even get to do a couple wedding gifts this year!

It is all about those connections for me, my ultimate goal being to bring people together to celebrate human creativity. I mean, if the financial necessities of capitalism didn't exist, I'd give these away. I do, heck. I love helping charities, finding ways to exchange my art, and so on. My job is to express my love of music, art and Life and to spread that as far as I can, meaningfully, deeply.

To all those who've given my work as a gift, from the cockles of my heart, thank you.


SOLD - GG Allin 01/02/09


Tatiana said...

Lovely work -- great combination of two loves!

d.edlen said...

Thank you! I like hearing that from other artists.

Jeff said...

Great painting, I love how tormented he looks in the picture. It really captures GG Allin well.