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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Generation Of Change

With tears in my eyes watching the opening video of Oprah's show last night juxtaposing Obama and King, I realized why Shepard Fairey's campaign portrait should be in the National Portrait Gallery even before Obama took office. Hope is truly uplifting.

As those who were young back when MLK spoke his piece now take over policy, the generational impact of the civil rights movement can be sensed powerfully with all our senses. While we currently are most certainly a depressed country, both emotionally and economically, I hope we as individuals can generate more change as we recognize that without the individual there is no country. Yes, we can take responsibility for ourselves. Yes, we can create change based upon hope instead of fear. Yes we can.

Exciting day, huh?



steve said...

Is indeed Dan! Great post.

Ash said...

i was proud of us today.

Paul said...

A huge sigh of relief on this side of the border Daniel, the man is an inspiration..